Santigold Disses Dance Music

Santigold Disses Dance Music

Pop star Santigold has spoken of here distaste for dance music, telling heyreverb.com she wishes the dance music sound wasn't as popular as it is now, mainly because the dance tracks that are making it into the charts are formulaic, and we're "geting the exact same song every time."

"Artists hire one of three producers, one of a couple songwriters, and you pretty much get the exact same song every time," she says.

“It’s created a dismal landscape for music, but it’s a sure bottom line for the record company. It’s really become about the economy of the music industry, and it’s shaping the music that we’re getting in a really unfortunate way.”

Whilst we agree with her on that, the singer then surprisingly went on to further express hate for the genre.

“I really don’t like that music, that sort of Euro-dance music, Ibiza-style. I’ve never liked it, even when it was kind of new and underground.”

I guess she's probably not interested in our Ibiza competition then?

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